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Why RPA?

Processes from all industries can be automated using RPA since the robots mimic human activity.

over your workforce / execution of business processes    


of workforce related expenses (salaries, overheads/G&As, turnover & recruitment costs)


get more work done faster and more accurately


Our Philosophy

We believe the Future of Work is the intersection of RPA, AI and Humans all working together.
Even though many operations in today's workplace can be automated, many cannot. Bots are good at repetitive, high-volume, rules-based decisions and processes, whereas humans are good at judgement-based decisions and processes. We still need humans for many of the tasks that bots cannot do. Tasks that require creativity, empathy, complex decision making, strategizing and more. 

So when you combine the human and the bot, we get a powerful workforce that leads to exponentially increased productivity. This is what you call 'human-machine harmony'. However, with recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), we are now able to build Intelligent Bots which use AI to make 'human-like' or judgement-based decisions.

As a result, we believe that the future of work will be a harmonious system of RPA bots, AI and humans all working together in synergy to reach unprecedented levels of productivity in an enterprise.


Our Services

Get the fastest, most reliable and cost effective delivery services.


Full plan, documentation and prioritization of processes


Bringing UiPath to life in your digital operations


Continual support, maintenance and monitoring


Change Management
Prepare teams for organizational change


CoE Enablement
Giving your business the tools to succeed


Helping you to build your internal capabilities

Our Clients

We've helped companies from several industries: Education, Healthcare, Retail, Travel, Supply Chain, Technology

Our Training

The Complete RPA Bootcamp is an on-demand 50 hour advanced RPA online course designed to fast-track your UiPath RPA development skills for enterprise development, delivered by Leon Petrou. The primary audience consists of technical people which are expected to fulfill the role of RPA Developer, RPA Service Support or RPA Solution Architect in the future RPA Centre of Excellence. The training follows a hands-on approach. By the end of this training, each participant will have automated 13 end-to-end real world bots. The bootcamp covers Level 1 (Fundamentals of RPA), Level 2 (Enterprise RPA), Level 3 (Intelligent RPA). The bootcamp includes personal one-on-one support and coaching from Leon Petrou. The participants will be prepared to enroll in the UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Certification and tackle any RPA problem thrown at them. The cost of the program is $2000 per person for life-time access and all future updates.

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